A-Z Introducing Me!

Hey there friends!

I hope your day is going well so far. Mine has been crazy and super busy. I had work this morning from 5am to 10am then I decided to try doing yoga, again. I did a quick 11 minute yoga workout and I'm defiantly not a flexible human-being who is also super clumsy which doesn't help when it comes to yoga. So I had this thought during the middle of my awful yoga session that I should probably re-introduce myself to those of you who are reading this blog post for the first time and don't really know much about me, other than the fact that I stink at writing weekly blog posts! So today I'm going to give you an A-Z about me. Ashley is my middle name. Yep, it's my middle name. Growing up I never liked using my middle name because normally the only time I would hear it was when I was in trouble. Go figure. Now I like to include it every now and then. Books! I absolutely love books. I've always loved the way that stories have the ability to take us to different worlds and let us escape in them. Carrots are my favorite vegetables to snack on. Dogs are one of my favorite animals. I have two dogs currently, and I honestly want to adopt/rescue more in the future. Elves are my favorite mystical creatures. A good majority of my D&D characters I've created and played have been some sort of elven race. Ford was my first model of car that I owned. I drove a 2010 Ford Fusion from about my senior year of high school to my sophomore year then I was unfortunately in an wreck where my car was totaled. Goldthwaite Texas was where I was raised until I moved back in 2009. I absolutely loved that small town and I love saying it's one of my two hometowns. Horses are my first love. I rode my first horse when I was 18 months old. My grandparents owned horses and I absolutely loved being around them. They are majestic and beautiful creatures that are wingless angels. Jesus is king. KitKat minis are what I'm currently snacking on while writing this post. (As I'm making my way through the alphabet it's becoming difficult to write what matches the letters.) Leprechaun is probably the only horror movie series I don't want to watch by myself. I use to think leprechauns were adorable until I saw the movies, so now I'm scared of them. Magic is a talent I wish I had. Like actual magic to cast spells, it would probably make my life more interesting for sure. Nurses are the absolute best. I say that because I'm dating one! :) Opinion columns and articles are what I wrote when I was writing for The Daily Toreador when I was an undergraduate student at Texas Tech. Pickles are the absolute best! No argument could win. Quail was a dish I had never tried before until I was a waitress at Saltgrass. Their bacon wrapped quail is the absolute best and I order it every time I eat there! Red Raider for life! Snakes terrify me. I don't like them. The only good snake is a dead snake. They seriously scare me to death!!! Tabatha is my name and Tentative Talks is my blog. Unicorns are awesome even if they don't "exist". Victorious was a tv show that I didn't watch growing up, yet I know some of the songs that were performed on the show. Winter in Lubbock is always a hit or miss. I've lived here for 5 years and it's always one year of snow then the next winter is a total miss. Xenology is something that I find really cool! It's the scientific study of alien biology and culture. Yellow is such a uplifting color! Zebras are freaking adorable and I really want one in the future! I blame the movie Racing Stripes for encouraging my younger self to own a zebra when I became older.

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