How Do You Relax?

Hey there friends! I want to go ahead and apologize for waiting almost 2 weeks to write a new post. I have been telling myself that I need to sit down and write some new content, but my lazy but hasn't wanted to do anything until today! Few of the key words from my column! A lot has been going on in the last two weeks though. I had a column published in The Daily Toreador about two weeks ago, discussing the ugly side of the body positivity movement. I loved writing that column, but I also struggled a little bit because I shared a hard experience that I endured during my freshman year of college. As I have gone through these last few weeks, I have found myself holding onto all of my stress and just slowly feeling it build up inside me instead of having that one day to relax. Because let me be honest with you, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO RELAX!!! Not at all! Relaxing and taking a breather is something that I rarely do until it gets to the point of myself having a mental breakdown and losing control.

Then I do have to relax. I have slowly found that if I just designate one - maybe two - hours a week to just disconnecting from all my social media and just stressors in general (school and work) I find myself to be more relaxed and happy-going, instead of wanting to bite everyone's head off because they make me stress even more. A major helping item I have found is facial masks! I have found several from both Walmart and Target that seems to help me calm down, along with helping me get rid of my acne on my face! The way it feels against my skin, and when it soaks into my pores, makes me feel so relaxed. So as you go into this week just think about what makes you relax?

How do you unwind after a stressful day of school, work, or even life in general? Y'all have a great day!

- Tabatha

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