Just Because You Graduated, Doesn't Mean You Have To Have Your Life Together

If you're lost and don't know which direction to turn next, you're not alone.

When I was a senior in high school, I felt like I had to have everything planned out by the time I got my diploma. From where I was going to school, to my major and minor, to where I was going to be in the next five years. That is a lot to have planned out as an 18-year-old, but I had come up with that plan. I was going to tackle Texas Tech and make it my own.

The world was mine at my grip.

About five years later, I'm the most unsure of my life and my plans for myself. During college changed my major and minor three times since my freshman year of college, dropped several classes, along with not doing well in some of my classes. I've considered giving up and working a full-time job for the rest of my life without ever getting a degree.

The thing about that is that not everyone needs to go to college straight out of high school.

Some people are destined for certain things to happen when the time comes. Some find their destinies after multiple attempts to find what they are looking for. We need to go and find where we belong at our own pace.

Deciding your life and its meaning is a very difficult thing. It's a really big choice to make and one that is probably going to change throughout one's lifetime. Change is okay and so is changing one's choices that they've made. It's okay to look back onto something and regret the choice that was made, but in reality, there isn't anything that we can do to change the past. We can only focus on the present and our future.

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