Meet Tabatha

Hey there! Welcome to my blog. Tentative Talks. Tentative Talks will share with you some of the life experiences that most of us have all probably gone through, and how there is positivity within every experience. Life can throw us some nasty curveballs while experiencing the highs and lows, but no matter the issue there is always a positive outlook we can take from the experience. But, before all that, how about I introduce myself to y'all a little!

Fun Facts About Me:

  • My name is Tabatha Miller.

  • I'm a huge Coffee Lover!

  • I recently graduated from Texas Tech University with my B.A. in English (focus Creative Writing)

  • Avid traveler (I have a huge bucket list of all the places I want to explore)

  • I'm a Sagittarius (fire elements rock)

  • House Stark

  • Hufflepuff is my house!

  • Dog Mom: Chihuahua mix & Siberian Husky

  • Inspiring Writer

  • 2018-2019 Non-Fiction Editor for The Harbinger: Student Journal of Art & Literature

  • Opinion Columnist for The Daily Toreador

  • I appreciate all the different genres of music!

  • Day Dreamer

  • Animal Lover

This blog is going to be one that reflects all the different emotions and feelings that we as humans experience. Tentative Talks should be able to start conversations about our experiences and lessons that we have learned from life. This blog is going to be an open and honest place, so please don't ever feel like you aren't able to express your own feelings on topics that are discussed.

So excited to be traveling down this road with y'all!

- Tabatha

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