Positivity During a Pandemic

There are a lot of things that can really affect our mental health and the first thing to prioritize this pandemic is happiness. We are all going through something we couldn't except but let's try to fight it in the best way possible!

For this blog post, I am collaborating with another talented and fun blogger that I met through Instagram, lilac_hustle.


This is the easiest way a human is able to be social. Try to meet new people online, cut it out with people who are negative, and just make sure to appreciate people who still take their time to keep in touch with you. People are what make this world worth living and making sure that everyone who you care about is doing well and are connected to you is another life skill you should try to improve as much as possible.


Take this up as a challenge as we all have an extra hour to waste these days. You can make sure to read a book a month as a form of therapy. Not only do they make you familiar with the unknown vocabulary, but also bring peace to an individual. All you have to do is find a quiet place, open the book to the beginning, and start reading. Reading can seem boring but don't make it seem like a big task! Instead, read just 20 pages of a book every day! This makes the task easy and attainable. A quiet environment and a story can unlock the new door of imagination for you which in the end, will help you relax and tune out this world for a little while.

Keep Yourself Busy

Sometimes when your body gets the best of you it's better to not give it time to think. Keep yourself busy with stuff and keep distracting the mind with deadlines. There is normally a lot of things that we keep delaying - laundry, essays, dusting, emails to be sent, etc. Write all off of them down on a notepad and one by one, cross them all off. Work harder and train your brain to handle the situation while being your most productive self. Sometimes if I am pissed off about something, I simply drown myself in work that at the end of the day, I'm watching a drama and laughing loudly without a care in the world.

Live in the Present

It is easy for us to be unhappy with our current situation, and therefore let that unhappiness fester inside us until we hit rock bottom. If this pandemic has taught me anything, it is that I need to live in the moment. Yes, it is okay to dwell in the past, but you have to keep pushing forward and LIVE FOR TODAY! This may sound cliche but all you have is today to live your life. We aren't always guaranteed tomorrow, so we need to live for the day.

Rediscover Yourself

Know. Who. You. Are!

This pandemic has taught me that I, as a person, have changed so much from who I used to be. This is a huge step that helps you when you are trying to figure out who you are and helping you love yourself. During this period of being on your own, learn more about yourself. Do you still like to go to that coffee shop on the weekends and write? Do you still feel like a 15 or 16-year-old highschooler who struggled with accepting yourself? It is okay if you aren't the same person that you were a few years ago because change happens all the time to all of us. Use this alone time during Covid-19 to find yourself again and learn to love that person, the same way you love yourself back when you were younger.

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