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Hey there, The holiday season is already upon us! We are officially about three weeks away from Christmas and people are already rushing to get their Christmas shopping done, instead of waiting till the last minute like myself! (Yes I did just out myself for last minute shopping. That is just what I do!) But while we are all shopping for that "perfect" gift, we should stop and remember our local small businesses that have exactly what we need. For this holiday season, I decided I wanted to partner up with a local business to help promote shopping locally this holiday season. This year I'm so excited to partner up with Lucky Dog Mail Club! This business is run by a single individual, Kayla Hutchinson, who has a love for snail mail and a bigger love for handmade cards. Lucky Dog Mail Club is a greeting card and gift shop run by two founders: Kayla and her pup Odin. Kayla has been making cards since she was two years old. She started making them with her grandmother. From here she has been in the graphic design world for the last eight years. Two years ago Kayla decided to combine her graphic design skills and her love for cards and everything snail mail related and started her business Lucky Dog Mail Club. At Lucky Dog, they get excited for mail time, geek over quality paper and relish a good pun. Their cards are 5x7 folded and printed on thick, felt-textured cardstock. They always have a fun-colored envelope and are blank on the inside so that you can craft the perfect message to the recipient. When I asked Kayla what made her love homemade cards she had this to say. Growing up (and to this day) I would get cards in the mail for every occasion with personal messages and most of the time they were handmade. I would always want to be the one to get the mail each day. Paired that with the fact that I absolutely adore and find the process of physically making a card so soothing and it seemed so natural and fun to do this all the time. When I would make cards growing up, we would actually make the paper from scratch, which is why I really love using textured paper for my cards. Cards with what is called "teeth" (or texture) just feels better too. So if you are looking for some holiday cards to send to your family and friends this year, don't look anywhere else except for Lucky Dog Mail Club. When you do, use the code: TENTATIVETALKS19 so you get 10% off!

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