Top 10 Must Haves For Your Bag!

Hey guys! I hope you have all had a great week, and are looking forward to the upcoming week. For this post I wanted to share with you my top 10 picks of what I think are important to have in your bag. As a female, I always find my purse or bag heavy because of all the extra items that I carry around. 1. Chap Stick: My lips always seem to run dry when I'm out grocery shopping or out with my friends. I always carry around extra just in case my friends need some. I specifically prefer the brand ChapStick, while the flavor being Cherry! 2. Portable Phone Charger: Like the most of us, we are always on the go and on our phones. For me that is completely true. I'm always either posting on one of my social media sites, checking my email, or texting in general. I bought a cheap phone charger from Target for like $10 and honestly it has been a life saver, especially when my phone is lasting on that 5%. 3. Bobby Pins: Ladies, I think we can already agree why these are important. They become a lifesaver when you have that annoying piece of hair keeps falling down in your face and you can't get it to stay out of your face. I have learned to carry at least a few in my bag just incase I have more than a few crazy stray hairs. 4. Mini Lotion Bottle: If y'all are like me, my hands are always dry and rough. Especially right after washing my hands because the soap seems to dry out my skin. My favorite ones are the mini bottles from Bath & Body Works, because they last for so long. 5. A Pocket Size Notebook: As a writer, I always carry one of these around. They are easy to store in your bag and easy to access when you need to write something down that you heard. Plus they make for great grocery lists, to-do lists, and anything else you need to write down in such a moment. 6. Tide To-Go Stick: These are the best! If you are like me, I'm a messy eater. Especially with chips & salsa. Having one of these on hand, helps prevent stains and getting them out of your clothes quickly. 7. Mini Hairbrush: We all like to keep our appearances looking nice and neat. Especially in Lubbock where the wind always blows and tangles up my hair. So to keep myself looking nice, I keep one in my bag to brush my hair when it begins to look like a rat's nest. 8. Lipstick: A girls top priority. I love having at least one lipstick in my bag. So when I need it, I have at least 2 nude shades to chose from. 9. Ponytail Holder: I always carry a few of these in my bag or wear them around my wrist. They are one of my go to's because when I get to writing or working on something, I pull my hair back and put it up in a ponytail or messy bun and get to work. 10. Feminine Products: Enough said. We all know that it's nice to be prepared for when that time of the month happens earlier than expected, or for when someone needs one who doesn't have one on hand.

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