When Trust Fails

We have all been there. Trusting a person because their intentions were pure until something happens and that trust breaks.

Just like glass.

And every time you try to pick up the pieces, the glass cuts your hands and you are reminded through the stings about what that person did. Where does that leave you? Do you choose to ignore the action that they made and pretend like nothing happened? Do you choose to completely step away from that person and remove them from your life completely? Or maybe you choose an option that is in-between? Sometimes this can be a difficult subject to talk about because as humans we have been on both sides of this situation. I can share that I have been on the receiving end of having trust broken between a loved one, and it honestly hurt to think that they could even do that to a family member. At the same time though, I have been one to break the trust between a person I love dearly. I saw how it completely broke them and how long it took them to rebuild the trust with me. It hurt me but it hurt the other person more, and each day is a new day for rebuilding what had been lost. We are all human. We all make mistakes, sometimes more than others. Trust is a delicacy that you have to earn with others. Some people tend to trust easily, while others take longer to trust because of the hurt they have received from others. So what do you do? Do you allow yourself to trust them again or do you shut them out completely? I personally can't tell you that you should forgive them entirely or that you should shut them out for good. I guess it depends on the type of person that you are. Are you willing to forgive easily? Are you willing to allow your heart to stay hardened towards them? Your choice is your choice, but I do suggest you do what is best for you. You only have this one life to live! Relationships survive on trust, and if that is broken at any point, it's pretty much the end of the relationship. Besides, inability to communicate leads to problems. - Yuvraj Singh Thanks for reading y'all!

- Tabatha

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