Why I Choose to Be an English Major!

So today marks the four months mark that I have been a graduate of Texas Tech University, and it’s crazy to believe that I graduated. A little bit of background before I dive into this topic, less than 7 people in my family have their college degree. So, when I graduated in December, it was a major accomplishment for myself and my family.

A few friends I made along my journey

Back to the topic above. When I was a freshman, I wanted to have my major in Physical Therapy. I had endured several injuries in high school due to sports, and my physical therapists in Abilene, were the best people. They encouraged me to overcome the pain and struggles of my knee injuries, and to become a better version of myself. So I was excited to become what I had desired to be, so I could help encourage other athletes as well.

As the first two years went by, I did well in most of my classes, but I was struggling so hard in my kinesiology classes. It was like I couldn’t remember what I needed to in order to do well in the classes, therefor I ended up barely dropping that major.

I was disappointed in myself, but I was more scared of what my family would think.

If you can’t tell already, I’m a people person and I like to make others happy. I hate to let people down.

So, I remember going to the Starbucks, in the bookstore, and making a list of subjects that I liked back in high school. It went like this.

  1. Math

  2. English

  3. History

After making the list, I went to my adviser and asked to switch from Kinesiology to Math. After jumping through the switching hoops, I was officially changed over, and I was so happy. I remember feeling so accomplished that I had found the path that I was supposed to be on. To save on all of the chaos I went through, within a month and a half of that next semester, I had dropped my Pre-Cal class and switched my major.


This time to English.

I remember calling my mom and telling her everything that was going on and how I switched my majors again. For the third time. Now I love my mother very much, and I know that she only wants the best for me in my life, but if she would have been able to reach through the phone and slap me across the back of my head, she probably would have done that to me several times. I remember at this phone call she reminded me that she loved me and just wanted to see me graduate with my degree.

So, after that phone call, I told myself that I wasn’t going to be switching anymore. This was the major I was supposed to have. In my final two and a half years at Tech, this was the major that helped me realize that I had finally selected the right path for myself. I’ve made so many friends from my fellow students and even the professors, who always encouraged us to chase after our dreams of being writers. Their help was a major key I needed, or otherwise, I’m not sure I would have known this was right for me.

When I tell people that I have my degree in English, they assume that I’m going in to teach. At this current time, I’m not sure if I want to teach but I do keep the thought in my back pocket because you never know what might happen.

So, that is my story.

Also, be sure to check out October Hill magazine on Wednesday. I’m getting my first publication for a short story I wrote while I was in college.

Thank you friends and much love for each and every one of you!

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