Writer's Block = Sucks

Hey there! So, it's been about a week since the first blog post on the new site, and in that time frame, there have been several ideas about what should be written next. Yet every time I sat down to write what was on my mind, I couldn't bring myself to write. AT ALL! It was so frustrating to have all these thoughts and ideas in my head, yet I couldn't get them on this document. It was like I didn't know how to write at all. Maybe I was trying to hard to get content out there? Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough? Even now as I sit here, trying to think about how I want to write this blog post, I can't think of the right way to write out this feeling. This feeling of not knowing how to write this post, makes me doubt if I should even try to be a writer. Literally, y'all, writer's block is the worst. But every time I experience this feeling, I just have to remind myself of all the authors who have had this experience as well, but they never stopped writing. They never gave up. They never stopped writing. Their passion for their work is what drove them to push the writer's block out of the way, and continue on with their works. I just have to be like them, continue working for what I want and ignore the writer's block that is standing in my way of what I want to achieve.

- Tabatha

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